Just when you think they can’t get any dumber, they do.  I expect healthcare CIOs to chime in here with the accusation that meaningful users are not doing enough.  Obviously the stuff that’s in the news doesn’t touch these guys when every day there’s several news articles about the complexities of IT infrastructures today, healthcare and everywhere.  They just don’t get it and live in the 70s.  I made reference in an earlier post about Oracle taking 7 years to develop their “integrated Fusion” software, so how in the world do they expect doctors and technologists to move any faster on this? 

They are so dumb and here’s the names:  

Reps. Dave Camp (R-Mich.), Fred Upton (R-Mich.), Wally Herger (R-Calif.) and Joe Pitts (R-Pa.).  Electronic medical records and interoperability are the way to go and if it wasn’t for so much of the free enterprise business we have today in this area that the GOP likes to promote, things would be a little simpler with fewer vendors out there and fewer insurance companies owning a lot of the Health IT technologies who can cash in in more ways than just collecting premiums. 

If it was not for the incentives many doctors and hospitals could not afford to transition to electronic records.  Why doesn’t Congress learn how to get better information to make laws?  I have been saying that for a couple of years now, duh?   Here’s a good example of Citibank using it for information purposes to increase profits…middle America gets hit again with the Attack of the Killer Algorithms and a dumb GOP to even put their names to such a letter.  I used to use better language on this topic but I’ve had it with the dummies!  They are so Algo Duped they can’t see straight. 

IBM Watson Going to Work At Citigroup on Wall Street–Congress Didn’t See Big Data As A Tool (Hadoop Framework) When They Had Their Chance…For Consumers The Attack of the Killer Algorithms–Chapter 22

They had their chance…and technology and the fictitious code and belief of the seventies are eating this country alive. 

IBM Watson Capabilities Being Pitched to Financial Industry-Congress Must Not Have Felt They Needed This So Further Behind We Fall With Effective Intelligent Lawmaking

Here’s a link about Algo Duping the Digital Illiterates and boy these folks have it bad!  So don’t believe what you saw last night on the debates as I would probably feel like the President must have with all these shenanigans to have to sit up there and debate. 


Complexities in Data Systems Growing Beyond Control –“Algo Duping” Society Combined With A World of Rogue Algorithms & Flawed Data Continues In Markets As Seen With Knight Capital This Week-Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 36


This book is also recommended reading for these folks as they just don’t get it..and they have no idea how the innovative and tech world looks at them and talks about them being duped again and again and we all hurt because of this.  I’m fair about items and theirs is crap out there with people thinking an algorithm will solve all or in this case the illiterates thinking they can eliminate them I guess…balance is the word. 

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms

So here you have it, the folks to vote out if you want better healthcare as they are going to kill it and us any way they can.  I still laugh too at the talk of “totally repealing healthcare” as there’s no budget big enough to do that nor would these folks create on when they really find out the huge expense, time and number of engineers it would take…maybe like Larry Ellison’s Fusion program, a good seven years maybe? It takes time to write the code and set up all the IT infrastructure and these boneheads have not figured out that software builds upon itself so there’s no total repeal, but rather possible adjustments to selected areas..again what a bunch of bone heads.  Like I said I used to be a little more politically correct but this is as dumb as they get and we do need more executive leaders in the cabinet too with some IT or coding experience to get this…


Anyone in Congress every heard of CodeAcademy?  Bloomberg has and said he was going to enroll to learn.  Again I wonder how this is going to sit with many healthcare CIOs not to mention the doctors and hospitals as suspension of such stands to stop the great wheels in progress and teamwork to make interconnected medical records and better care a reality in the US not to mention the affordability for many.  BD 

HHS should suspend incentive payments to providers in the electronic health-records program and delay penalties to those that do not integrate health IT until the federal department can define clear, interoperable standards, House Republican leaders suggested Thursday in a letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

During a seven-week congressional recess, the chairmen of the House Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means Committees and respective health subcommittees charged that nearly $10 billion in federal dollars may have been wasted because the recent Stage 2 Meaningful Use program rules from the CMS and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology are “weaker” than the Stage 1 rules released three years ago.

The conservative lawmakers also called on HHS to expect more from meaningful users. “For example, requiring a summary transfer when a patient moves to a different care setting in electronic format only 10% of the time is insufficient,” they wrote, adding that also only requiring radiology and laboratory orders to be electronic 30% of the time and medication reconciliation and electronic prescribing to happen 50% of the time is “woefully inadequate.”

A good bunch of links below…get up up on the math and see how it affects you. 

Attack of the Killer Algorithms–Digest & Links for All Chapters–See How the Math and Crafty Formulas Today Running on Servers 24/7 Make Life Impacting Decisions About You



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