It’s been a while back that the mouse was announced and imagewith the use of computers today, this can make it convenient not to have yet one more device when the folk out cuff of a mouse can do blood pressure.  There are other devices planned  as well for the mouse such as a glucose meter, a pulse oximeter and a camera.  The FDA gave it a class II device but it has taken 3 years to get the product ready for release.  The goal is to have the mouse sold as a consumer product at drug stores and other big stores such as Wal-Mart.  I see a cord here so it looks like the device is not wireless, yet.   BD 

A California startup is transforming the familiar computer mouse into a health monitor by inserting devices like blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors in it.

CalHealth Inc., based in Irvine, is getting ready to launch the MD Mouse by the end of the year. The product will be able to measure blood pressure by having a person’s finger slide inside a cuff that folds out from the middle section of the mouse. The mouse also comes with a personal health record such that the reading is automatically entered into it. The device also has the potential to connect the data to a provider in preparation for a day when physicians and other healthcare providers can receive and share information from patients easily.

“We got the patent from the U.S. patent office in 10 months, which I understand is a record,” said Terrance Molloy, chief operating officer, for CalHealth, in a recent phone interview. “The patent gives us the right to put any monitor so long as it fits in part or in whole inside the mouse.”

“Now that companies like ours and others are connecting these devices to PHRs and EHRs and collecting the data and sending it to a healthcare provider, the FDA is saying that if you are going to be using those devices in those settings we are going to be concerned about their accuracy because now medical decisions will be based on these readings,” Molloy said.


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