This is sad but other participants did not get sick.  You could not pay me enough to eat roaches.  There’s women in the video eating them too.  A python snake is also something I would not get excitedimage about either to win, but shortly after the contest ended he started feeling sick and I might add there were worms in the mix to eat at well.  After this I can bet it might be a while before such a contest is entertained again.  He was pronounced dead at the arrival to the hospital.  Midnight Madness sale was the come on to get customers in to participate.  It will be interesting to hear what the cause of death was and if the bug and worms were part of it.  BD 

The competition was organized by the Ben Siegel Reptiles store, and the winner was to get a python.

Now, Broward Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating the death.

The victim was identified as Edward Archbold.

Minutes after Friday night’s contest, according to a BSO spokeswoman, Archbold started feeling ill. He started regurgitating and later collapsed shortly after exiting the store.


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