Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong chairman of NantHealth and Blue imageShield will work with Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., to establish the first clinically-based "continuous learning center” to establish Accountable care organization and will work with Blue Shield to establish the Access Medical Group.  Genomic data is a big part of the plan to provide doctors with a full view of the patient’s care to look for interventions before problems occur.  This will entail monitoring patients in their homes or where ever they may happen to be. 

NantHealth has a system of secure cloud based information sharing that will bring genomic information analytics of cancer into the physicians computers in 47 seconds, gene screens.  Soon-Shiong  became wealthy due to the sale of two pharmaceutical companies he founded and are now traded on the stock market.  Like all the other programs out there this will be interesting to see how it works and it certainly can’t hurt by all means if it means saving lives to ensure patient get the right treatments.  One MD in San Francisco somewhat wondered how this will work as he said they have a hard time dealing with all the information they have now and they can have genomic studies back in a week so the time element, if all the data flows in a usable format in 47 seconds should be interesting.  Remember the GlowCaps prescription pill bottle that has wireless capabilities to remind you to take your meds and reports it back to the drug stores?  Well he bought that company too so will this new ACO involved the GlowCaps too with monitoring?


The Pill Bottle That Talks To Your Cell Phone, Creates Data Reports and More…

Yes and then all that data gets sold for profit.  We shall see how the design comes across because yes there is a gap between science and practicing medicine, some where there’s been little innovation in some areas and then the other extreme with technology to where patients get overloaded with alerts on phones, land line phones, software apps…you name it so a good design that people can live with and not end up being disrupted would be interesting to see, and seeing some developers use their own products on the consumer side, as that always gets me is that they tell you how good it is for you but then they don’t eat their own dog food:)  BD

Now that healthcare has been overhauled, it's time to give medical care a major reboot, according to Los Angeles's wealthiest man. Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, a physician-entrepreneur and chairman of theimage California company NantHealth, unveiled a pilot program that he says will do just that, transforming the way medicine is practiced and medical care is delivered across the nation. 

Among the collaborative effort's key goals: to make deadly cancers a condition that patients can survive and manage for years after diagnosis.

Soon-Shiong on Wednesday outlined his testbed for a new model of medical care: a system that lashes together genomic processing, supercomputing, high-speed data networks and the same mobile devices that people use to make dinner reservations. All of this technology will put the best information available in the hands of doctors instantly, he said at a Washington, D.C., conference put on by the Bipartisan Policy Center and a nonprofit called Doctors Helping Doctors.

The new project is designed to remedy a mismatch between technology and medical science on the one hand and medical practice on the other.



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