The infant had surgery when he was a month old and came home imagewith MRSA and since that time it is being passed around the entire family.  The family keeps getting rid of it and it keeps coming back, the gift that never stops giving it sounds like.  There is a grant for a study in southern California with using a special mouthwash and soap along with nasal ointment.  In the trial  will receive a regimen designed to “decolonize” the MRSA bacteria.  The test group also will get Mupirocin, an ointment made by GlaxoSmithKline that’s applied in the nose, because that’s where staph likes to live.  The hospital says the infection is directly related to the surgery. 

Clinical Trial on Fighting MRSA Infections in Southern California To Begin With 10 Million Dollar Grant

MRSA is an ugly battle and it can happen anywhere and years ago I had a staph infection that I got at a hospital but now the strains are so much more potent.  BD 

Sutter Memorial Hospital is potentially facing another lawsuit related to methicillin-resistant staph aureus, this one though, isn’t related to the August MRSA outbreak in a NICU unit.

The 90-day notice alleges infant Gabriel Adams contracted the skin-borne bacteria when he had surgery at one-month-old.

“Two days after his surgery, it started getting infected and he had a 104 temp,” says his mother, Beth DeRuelle. The filing says after surgery, the MRSA bacteria spread to the rest of his family.

“When he came home, within a week or two, Jaslyn had a little outbreak of it on her stomach,” DeRuelle

Family attorney Moseley Collins says the 90-day notice is about stopping an epidemic. “It's about stopping the hospitals from giving our children this deadly bacteria. It's about warning other hospitals you've gotta be more careful.”

In a written statement in response to this latest 90-day filing, Sutter said.,0,4096788.story#ixzz28H9KcXFw


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