EHRScope/Consultant is a sponsor at the Medical Quack and has some valuable imageresources to get you started with looking for an EHR/EMR.  The service is free so what do you have to lose.  You can always find the links to the websites on the left hand side of this page.

EHRScope/Consultant has a short questionnaire with a few questions so the panel of experts can go through what seems like droves of vendors to identify suitable matches for you to consider based on the information you provide.  This certainly beats having to do all the research work yourself from scratch as the choices today are many.

Are you in the market for billing and revenue cycle management?  EHRScope/Consultant can help you out there as well.   




Be sure to also check out EHRTv where you can see interviews with CEOs and other executives with many of the medical record and HIE vendors.  Based on conventions and conferences attended, videos are updated as they are created. 

Last but not least be sure to check out Dragon Naturally Speaking

At you can easily locate a distributor in your area where you can purchase Dragon Medical, Dragon Legal and of course the standard Dragon Speech Recognition software.  You can always find the links to Dragon Naturally Speaking here at the Medical Quack. 

From the website

”Let us assist you in finding a Speech Recognition Expert to help you become more productive, while saving time in your professional life. As physicians, attorneys, and business professionals, you will benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of our Value Added Resellers, as you implement this mission critical technology.”

Sponsors are what helps keep blogs in existence so when in the market for an EHR/EMR be sure to check out their resources and any time the resources are available to help you find a Dragon Naturally Speaking VAR who can help you out with speech recognition software.  Again, you can always find the links on the left hand side of the Medical Quack to get you there! 


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