Tenet Hospitals worked with this company back in 2009 to create a joint company called MED3000 Practice Resources, LLC so imageI don’t know if that goes along with the deal or not.  It is getting to be tough today to know who owns who these days and much less when it comes down to tracking back responsibility, it gets even more confusing.  I was looking back at my post from 2009 and there were some different names listed at the time to include a web based Tiger and Misys EMR hosted medical records. 

Tenet Announces Joint Venture with MED3OOO – Focus on Electronic Medical Records and Business Intelligence

About a year after such, Tenet announced they were rolling out Cerner at 47 hospitals which competes with and integrates in other areas with McKesson systems and are in place at some existing facilities.  With this purchase McKesson will have another medical records system under their ownership as well as more analytics, which there is no shortage of these days in healthcare.  Below is a screenshot from the website. 


Along with integration of medical records and other clinical needs, I sure we see the same with analytics as we are going spend all our time analyzing everything before a decision can be made and data and knowledge is a good thing for sure but when you have several formats to review there’s the point to where it becomes time-consuming and actually can end up delaying care. 

In addition McKesson has other divisions in the company that distributes drugs and more.  BD

ATLANTA – Just a week after its acquisition of risk management firm Medventive, McKesson has made another move to bolster its offerings for a post-reform world, announcing it will acquire imagePittsburgh-based http://www.med3000.com/, which develops physician group management, billing and revenue cycle tools.

MED3OOO's hosted applications, third-party administrator services and proprietary, cloud-based technology are aimed at helping practices adjust to changes in healthcare without concern for server expansions, software and system upgrades or extended downtime due to hardware failure.

MED3OOO employs 2,800 employees in the U.S., and its customers include more than 10,000 physicians, numerous hospitals and health systems, physician networks, state and local municipalities providing third party administration and benefits consulting for employers or state agencies, as well as revenue cycle management services for EMS providers and independent practice associations.



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