The undisclosed dollar amount investment from Verizon is to help develop a secure fiber-optic cloud based infrastructure for multi-media healthcare information, in other words secure information to and from mobile devices.  The hope here is to stream x-rays and cat scan results to mobile devices.  Just a couple weeks ago Dr. Soon-Shiong who made his $7 billion in wealth from the pharmaceutical companies he sold it was announced that his companies were also working with Blue Shield with using technology for genomic research where patients at risk will be monitored where ever they are…jury still out on that one as a model to where it works with the patient to not be intrusive or over done will certainly be needed as we can’t overwhelm consumers/patients with too much as otherwise nothing gets used.  BD

Los Angeles's Wealthiest Man. Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, Announced ACO to Partner With Blue Shield and St. Johns Health Center Using Technology and Genomic Research - Gene Screens

NantHealth, a subsidiary of Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong’s NantWorks, imagehas received an unspecified equity investment from Verizon Communications, through the telecom’s Verizon Investment arm. Verizon will help NantHealth develop a secure fiber-optic, cloud-based data infrastructure to deliver multimedia healthcare information to mobile devices, according to the companies.

Verizon and NantWorks already collaborate on the Cancer Knowledge Action Network, which provides clinicians with mobile access to cancer treatment protocols, and a supercomputing platform that reportedly can analyze a cancer patient’s genomic data in less than a minute.


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