We have read about these before but now we have a video imagethat shows how the simulated patient works.  There are some strange sounds made by this patient:)  It moans and groans and makes some other interesting noises.  No real mess to clean up as it uses food colored water for blood and pees out Mountain Dew. 
The patient is all controlled by a computer and the teacher who makes the patient jump and jive.  I guess the computer could kill the patient too..oh that’s too morbid.  It has a pulse and you can watch this group working on the patient as if it was an emergency room situation.  This patient gets a real good dose of CPR.  The patient even has a real “Mom” that comes in for a progress report so everything seems to be covered.  BD 

CLEVELAND - Everyone expects the best of care when they are in the hospital. One way local doctors are perfecting patient care is through fake or simulated patients.

These simulated patients are controlled by a computer. The goal is to teach doctors, nurses and residents everything they need to know to help anyone in a serious medical situation. They use this program to train the staff whether they are in the hospital or in the operating room.

For example, " SimMan" or " SimBaby" can talk, wheeze, cry and even “bleed.”

A computer controlled by a nurse makes "Sim-patient’s" condition, speech and vital signs go into action. This particular scenario with the young boy also included some surprises to catch the nurses and doctors off guard. But that's the whole idea. Even a surprise or two to make his condition a little harder to deal with didn't stop them from working fast. The action was still moving to the "SimBoy" alive.

The software that's included for practicing techniques is inserting IVs, giving a shot, and all it takes is students clicking and dragging a mouse to select the equipment (tourniquet, gloves, dressing) and procedures (washing hands, turning the arm this way or that).

Then, they get a grade on how well they did from the computer. They also get feedback on if they made the right choices in the right order with the "Sim-patient."



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