This is just strange all the way around and sad as the doctor, a pediatrician was writing prescriptions in exchange for cash and offered meth and marijuana to minors.  It is assumed the 29 adults whoimage received prescriptions were addicted to some type of drug or substance.  He also had ecstasy and sold marijuana from his home, which the latter seems to be the least of his worries compared to the rest.  He was the medical director of the Valley Health Plan that handles insurance so I wonder if any of those records could be included in the case as far as looking for payments and money?  One wonders if the doctor was maybe on meth if he was writing prescriptions in exchange for it, or was he supplying it for others?  They also found weapons in his home, so sounds like it may have been going on for a while.  BD


A top Santa Clara County health plan administrator has been charged with illegally trading prescription drugs for cash and methamphetamine, the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said today. According to prosecutors, 61-year-old Dr. Marvin Bonham was a pediatrician with a purely administrative job, but allegedly wrote prescriptions for commonly abused drugs like Oxycontin to 29 adults in less than two years and gave marijuana to minors and offered them methamphetamine. Bonham has been charged with 18 felonies, include possession of methamphetamine for sale, prescribing without legitimate purpose, prescribing to addicts, possession of psilocybin mushrooms, possession of ecstasy and possession of marijuana for sale, the district attorney’s office said.

Until his arrest on Oct. 4, Bonham served as medical director of the Valley Health Plan, the branch of the county hospital system that handles medical insurance, according to prosecutors. “The Hippocratic oath says, first, do no harm. He had the authority and the power because he was being trusted — he violated that trust,” said Narcotic Unit Supervising Deputy District Attorney James Sibley. More than half of the people Bonham wrote prescriptions for had criminal histories and more than a third had been arrested for using or selling drugs before, the district attorney’s office said. Among those Bonham wrote prescriptions for was his roommate, 32-year-old James Schneider, Sibley said.


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