By now we have all probably read about the dramatic evacuation at NY Langone but in addition to the patients themselves there were imagea few other areas that were affected.  Of course getting patients out of the facility was the number one priority but there were a couple reports of some of the other items that are of importance as well.   Long Island Jewish Health System had their back up generators working but the data center that handles the medical records had issues and the Staten Island Hospital had to go back to paper records.  Sunrise Clinical Manager from what was Eclipsys was the system installed and is now part of Allscripts.  The NYU hospital websites as of this morning still appears to be down with a message that gives you an update on where they are in coping with the storm. 

In addition during the power failure scientists were working hard to save their research material as NYU Langone is rated top in the nation for their research.  Thousands of mice were drowned  that were used for cancer research  and big refrigerators were being rolled to areas to where there was some power, for a while.  The mice that died contained a lot of genetic research information, etc. so some scientist’s work could be set back a few years.  These were mice that were genetically altered.  I don’t know but depending upon how they were changed, the alternative of the mice populating with what’s already out there in the wild could be yet something else just to maybe give some thought to as well.  If you read in the news today this is yet one more concern from the storm, where are the rats going to go.  BD

North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, one of the largest in metropolitan New York with 16 hospitals and 300 ambulatory centers, experienced power outages at several of its hospitals. Backup generators were working, but a data center that handles electronic patient records for Staten Island University Hospital lost service and forced staff to use paper records, according to the system.

Scientists are in a desperate frenzy to save what they can and transfer what can be moved to other areas of the hospital. In one case,image scientists were rolling a big freezer -- the size of a big refrigerator -- to an area of the hospital with emergency power, the source told the News.

Even more alarming, thousands of mice that are used by scientists for cancer research and other experiments, drowned during a flood. It is unclear how the mice died, but the source told the News that many of these mice are genetically modified for certain research and took years to produce. It will likely set back several scientists' work by years, the source said.

"This does not equate to a loss of life, but it is extremely disheartening to see years of research go down the drain," the source said.


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