A while back Lowes was one of the first to negotiate with the imageCleveland Clinic followed by Pepsico and now we have Walmart. If you have read the news of late Walmart employees are striking for better healthcare benefits, even though they are not union, but making a statement.

Johns Hopkins and PepsiCo Sign a Contract To Allow Employees and Their Dependents To Have Certain Surgical Procedures Performed At the Medical Center in Maryland

Employees must be healthy enough to travel but as this reads there’s no out of pocket expenditures for them to pay.  This agreement covers some additional items that were not mentioned in the Lowes or Pepsico agreements; however it’s been over a year and perhaps their agreements have expanded.  Transplant surgeries will all be performed at the Mayo Clinic.  The full press release can be read here.  Now all Walmart needs is more employees covered as many are part time and do not work enough hours to qualify for health insurance coverage.  Not all but some part time employees qualify for health insurance and that’s still the big problem is getting more covered.  BD

Walmart employees will now be able to get heart, spine and transplant surgeries at six of the nation's most prestigious hospitals at no cost, the world's largest retailer announced Thursday.

Under what Walmart calls the "Centers of Excellence" program, employees and dependents enrolled in the company's health benefits won't pay out-of-pocket for medical care or related travel when they receive complex, expensive procedures including open-heart surgery, spinal fusion and organ transplants at select facilities. The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and the Geisinger Medical Center in Danville, Pa., are among the health systems participating in the program.

Walmart employees who undergo surgery at one of the six selected medical centers will save between $5,000 and $12,000 because they'll be exempt from health insurance deductibles and cost-sharing payments, Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove said. Workers will gain access to the new benefit at the beginning of 2013.



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