First of all I do not mean any disrespect here as the matching system has it’s place in giving ideas and suggestions but gosh darn it’s not 100% in finding the absolute match that would agree with your lifestyle. You have to remember it still takes some human thought and input here.  Have you ever been on one of the dating sites?  They do make people very insecure and sucked in to the fact that their “queries” and results will absolutely find your perfect soul mate.  Now there’s nothing wrong with dating sites as you do meet people outside your immediate environment, but for goodness sakes keep the context in line. 

I check all types of software in what I do and mostly it’s healthcare but if I see a potential tool or something on the web given raging reviews that I think may be out of place, I check it out.  I used to write code and sometimes in a kidding way I say that gee I wished I would have figured out how to make some of those money making sites years ago, as it’s all math and queries and there still has to be a human element here, and the same applies as to where one wants to do their residency.  Sure you can get the ones that would be best matched but as David says in his article, is it a place you want to live and does it entertain the fact that you have a significant other that may not want to live there, or will your significant other change…all that add context.

Again, good information and guidance here but gee to rely on it 100% goes into my area which I call “Algo Duping” and lot of folks are reading up on this to get back in touch with reality.  I have been writing about this for a while.  You want to see some fictitious reality…watch this video about the Quants on Wall Street and how they use formulas to move and make money, so complex that even Jamie Dimon can’t tell you how they work:)  We have that on vide all over the web today and he’s not alone as most of the others have no clue either.   The opening statements in the video say it all when you are so wrapped up in making money you forget the rest of the world and it consumes you.  Pay attention to the tech that lost his job and is now paying $60k to learn how to be a quant and write the formulas that make money, all about control and money and naïve folks get duped in…Algo Duping for profit.    There’s some nice work done here too from a Reuters investigative reporter, Matthew Goldstein that should be mentioned here as well. 

Attack of the Killer Algorithms–Digest & Links for All Chapters–on How Math and Crafty Formulas Today Running on Servers 24/7 Make Life Impacting Decisions About You

Quants: The Alchemists of Wall Street Video Documentary - Why It Needs to Matter What Companies Do and Not Focus Only On the Price of Stock With So Called Value - Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 44

When you get done with that video, watch this one from a Quack reader from NYU who gives an excellent presentation about context and Professor Siefe also wrote the great book “Proofiness, the Dark Arts of Mathematical Deception” it. 

This is also a favorite of mine, Kevin Slavin with how Algorithms Shape our World…these folks are a lot smarter than me…he writes code and talks about how the quants work…

So again there’s value to the matching written here but everything is context and is it any more valuable than the flow sheets and matches one gets on a dating site to where it is exonerated? You be the judge here and has the committee become Algo Duped?  Again as David mentioned people are not using the formulas and most on dating sites don’t use those formulas either and I laughed when one site sent me a “flow sheet”…how much information do I really need?  I don’t remember any dating sites getting any awards.  I didn’t need flow sheet but how many get sucked in to this algorithms being the ultimate answer?  Based on what I read today there’s a lot of it and there’s a lot of flawed data out here…just read the link up above about the Attack of the Killer Algorithms…have you been attacked or duped today?  It’s hard to tell some of this apart too, do don’t feel bad as we all kick this around in our heads.  Again I have no issue or disrespect all all for Alvin Roth and the information will be helpful, but the question is, is this really that outstanding to win a Nobel Prize? 

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms

Nobel folks like so many others seem to be “Algo Duped”.  In case you missed it, one of the biggest examples I feel of Algo Duping around happened last week with Congress…it’s been a popular read here…and even the folks at Harvard were nice than me and offered to explain the medical record stimulus money and how it works and the fact that users can’t move any faster…the old “fast order code kitchen” burned down a few years ago…again out of touch and non participants draw these conclusions mostly.  I am so concerned to see so many US and world executives and leaders falling in to Algo Duping because it hurts all of us and the rich get richer working as they do or hiring those folks to write the algos to keep all their money, it is what it is sadly.

Even the debates are becoming a bit of a farce when the Medicare situation comes up, there’s not enough engineers and time and money to rewrite Medicare from the bottom up for a repeal, can we look at reality…please

I still laugh too at the talk of “totally repealing healthcare” as there’s no budget big enough to do that nor would these folks create on when they really find out the huge expense, time and number of engineers it would take…maybe like Larry Ellison’s Fusion program, a good seven years maybe? It takes time to write the code and set up all the IT infrastructure and these boneheads have not figured out that software builds upon itself so there’s no total repeal, but rather possible adjustments.

If you watch the video above about the Quants…they have little respect for economists…as they are not scientists the one quant states and they just work with what we produce…think about that. 

Digital Illiterate “Algo Duped” GOP Lawmakers Call for Suspending of Incentive Payments to Providers–Also Sent Letter to HHS Telling Them To Expect More From Meaningful Users–Walk A Mile in a Healthcare CIO’s Shoes Please

As a wake up call there’s yet one more video that should draw attention here, how crooks use technology and the some of the financial folks have been doing this for years…Algo Duping…and he says at the end of the video, those who control the code, control the world so again as David states…is this reflective of a Nobel Prize?  I am saying the same thing..only backing it up with a little bit of layman code and developer talk:)  BD 

A Vision of Crime in the Future–TED Video By Marc Goodman–”If You Control the Code You Control the World” And A Deep Look at DNA Use by Criminals

Why then, do so few physicians embrace the match? (And why do so many actively despise it?)

The answer may be that if you look at every other elite professional training paths, whether law schools, business, PhD programs in the arts and sciences, architecture, you name it–there are no other matches. No other fields except medicine have concluded that this kind of system is a rational way to match applicants and schools or job-seekers and jobs.

A match is certainly an efficient way for hospitals put together a residency class. And going through the hyper-rational process fits in well with other cultural artifacts of medicine like memorizing a thousand carbon molecules to pass organic chemistry or spending six months studying for the MCATs.

But it’s not a good system, despite what the Swedes may think.


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