CareFusion recently purchased Intermed in Brazil who makes and imagesupplies ventilator devices used in hospitals in Brazil and in Latin America.  CareFusion earlier this year was in the news with web site issues and malware that crept in there and this is not unique as we all have to watch anymore.  The news today is with Cerner connecting to an automated medication system with their medical records. 

To connect to the medical records system,Cerner Millennium, the CareAware iBus will be the key and they received the clearance from the FDA back in January of 2010.  This technology helps create the “smart room” and below are a few other descriptions of the entire CareAware system. 

The Pyxis MedStation from CareFusion is an automated medication management system using bar code scanning to make sure the patient is getting the correct medications delivered.  Doctors and nurses will be able to see what medications are available and the system also checks for potential dangerous drug interactions and of course it’s loaded with analytics as is every software/hardware device we see today. 

Cerner Receives FDA Clearance for CareAware iBus to Connect Devices and EHR Systems

In addition CareFusion has worked with several other large medical device companies as you can read below.  With the Cerner EHR it appears this is just one of many devices that may ultimately connect to the medical records system as time moves forward as we are not only integrating medical records systems, but also the software and devices that send information as well.  This is new and is just rolling out  so I’m sure there will be more news and reviews on how it works with clinicians and their opinions as time moves forward.  BD 

CareFusion, Cisco and Medtronic to Collaborate With West Wireless Health Institute on Technology – Additional Grants Awarded From Philanthropists Gary and Mary West

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CareFusion and Cerner today announced the implementation of interconnected systems that share data for enhanced medication management at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, a leading U.S. teaching and research hospital and designated Magnet institution.

The new offering from CareFusion and Cerner, currently in limited commercial release, enables data sharing and centralizes clinical information between the Pyxis MedStation(®) 4000 system automated medication dispensing technology and the Cerner Millennium® electronic health record (EHR) system, via Cerner's CareAware iBus(TM) integrated device connectivity architecture.

Interoperability between systems allows caregivers to use Cerner Millennium imageto remotely track drug availability and select medications for removal from the Pyxis MedStation system. These features help improve efficiency in medication dispensing and administration and save nurses time previously spent looking for medications.


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