This says a lot for getting a second opinion, but she lost 62 pounds in one swipe.  The woman also lost a few other body parts such as her ovary and uterus as that’s where it was attached.  The article said the tumor filled up a wheelbarrow and she was was very happy to have it gone  It sure is ugly.  BD 

AFP - Doctors in Germany said Friday they had removed a tumour weighing 28 kilogrammes (62 pounds) from a 60-year-old woman who had previously been diagnosed as obese.

A spokesman from the university clinic in the eastern city of Dresden said the woman, Irmtraud Eichler, had made a full recovery after the seven-hour operation and was now able to walk again with crutches.

Her doctor put the weight gain down to a combination of diabetes and a lack of activity and prescribed a course of anti-obesity medicine.

However, when she could barely stand due to the swelling, her daughter insisted on a second opinion and an ultrasound scan revealed the growing tumour, which was found to be neither benign but not especially malignant either.


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