This story keeps getting worse and at least there’s a full on alert to try to identify any potential recipients of the spinal injection.  imageThe product has a formal recall and what is really strange here with the compounding company is the fact that it was supplying a large supply of the drug in so many states as usually compounding companies are pretty much working in a local or one state area.  They seem to have the distribution of a mini drug company and there are drugs that are FDA approved that do the same thing, but guess what, they cost more so and from what I read it’s somewhat a substantial price break when ordering in quantity.  I read where the NECC website is now down as well.

Fungal Meningitis Infections Linked to Steroid Injections Manufactured by New England Compounding Center In Massachusetts

Now there are 91 reported cases and I hope we have reached the end of them as patients who received injections between July and September are being contacted.  Over 17,000 potentially tainted injections were shipped from the NECC lab.  BD 

The number of people sickened with fungal meningitis from tainted epidural steroid injections has now risen to 91 in nine states, including seven deaths, federal officials said Sunday, as investigators try to home in on the precise source of contamination at a compounding pharmacy tied to the widespread outbreak.

Investigators from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state officials are probing the Framingham, Mass., facility where the New England Compounding Center made the 17,676 potentially tainted steroid injections, which were then shipped to 75 clinics in 23 states, according to federal and state officials.


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