So far quite a few of the REC centers have signed up and become members.  The Association has an executive director as well.  imageAfter 2013 the witching hour sets in with the requirement that they end up being self sustaining, but there’s one problem, they can’t find a business model that works well, same problems the banks have but banks use a different methodology as you can see here which is not really the right way to go.   The problem is up front money and with attesting, it takes a lot longer for hospitals to have their systems in place to attest for Meaningful Use.  The enrollees in the REC centers are doing remarkably well with a majority attesting. 

The new ARCH-IT association also plans to work on the hardware end of things for providers but some of that today is kind of taking care of itself as products are getting cheaper.  Right  now it’s a mixed bag with some offering hardware discounts where other RECs do not and thecolbertrape same applies to the software as well depending on the size of the REC and their ability to negotiate volume pricing.  Hopefully Congress will get their digital literacy together at some point in time and see the value in all of the incentives and sources here and not cut any funds as the GOP had some what suggested, but that’s what you get from folks stuck in the 70s that can’t stop talking about abortions, rape and women’s health.  BD

Senate GOP Members Call for a Meeting with HHS To Explain Meaningful Use and Incentives Given to Doctors and Hospitals for Electronic Medical Records–Due Time for Congressional Digital Literacy to Expand

The newly formed Association of Regional Centers of Health Information Technology (ARCH-IT) plans to represent and provide technical assistance to the 62 federally funded regional extension centers (RECs). ARCH-IT also intends to encourage Congress to provide additional money to the RECs after their funding runs out in 2013, ARCH-IT president Jonathan Fuchs said in an interview with InformationWeek Healthcare.

In ARCH-IT's first month of existence, he said, the association has signed up about a fifth of the RECs, including centers in Arkansas, California, Florida, Nebraska, and Texas. ARCH-IT has also hired an executive director, David M. Bergman.


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