This did not happen in the US but we have our share but the story imageis strange and sad.  It was her third day on the job and she said the feed and blood drips were next to each other, so anyone could get confused she said?  She injected the coffee and the patient drowned and died.  The nurse has been indicted for manslaughter. 

This story is even stranger in the fact that the patient’s daughter watched it all, so this says a lot for being involved in your own healthcare and that of your family and loved ones.  The nurse said she was not trained to do this procedure and there are a couple other nurses who are also up for involuntary manslaughter, but may not be the same case at the hospital.  BD

Rejane Moreira Telles said that she had just three days of work experience in a Rio de Janeiro clinic when she botched up administering a drip to Palmerina Pires Ribeiro, who died hours after she had coffee mixed with milk injected straight into her body.

The 23-year-old appeared on Brazilian TV Globo's Fantastico where she told reporters that she was aware of the risk of administering an intravenous feed. However, the novice nurse added that "anyone can get confused."

"As they [the feed and blood drips] were next to each other, anyone can get confused. I injected the coffee and I put it in the wrong place," Telles told the TV station.


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