Well what do you know a newspaper has figured out too how to get some of that Medicare money.  The company is located in imagePennsylvania with branches throughout and a few in Maryland.  Chronic disease management is their specialty as well as hospice care. We all know newspapers have not been doing so well in recent years so will we see more of this type of activity from papers?  BD 

The Washington Post Co. said Monday that it has agreed to acquire a majority stake in Celtic Healthcare, a provider of skilled home health-care and hospice services in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions.

The purchase price was not disclosed, but Donald E. Graham, chief executive of The Washington Post Co., said in a statement that the acquisition is “part of the Post Co.’s ongoing strategy of investing in companies with demonstrated earnings potential and strong management teams attracted to our long-term investment horizon.”

Celtic Healthcare relies substantially on funds fromimage Medicare, which provides hospice benefits “for extended periods of time based on the assessment of the patient,” according to Celtic’s Web site. In its blog last November and again last month, the company posted appeals from health industry groups asking people to lobby Congress to defeat Medicare funding cuts and increases in co-pays.



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