And you thought it was all here in the United States Congress…well if you read here often enough then you know I harp on that one for sure as it’s true but in this case, Italy takes the cake. I talk about people being “Algo Duped” and obviously the folks who levied the verdict here are right in there, as we seem to have this big fantasy that algorithms and computers can do it all.  The one that comes to mind here in the US is the Heritage $3 million dollar carrot for an algorithm that will be the cure for hospital re-admissions.  Former HHS Director Leavitt supports that one and again you have to scratch your head and realize where the limitations are.  If you have ever written code then you understand this and you scratch your head watching the Algo Duped society sucking everything in.  There no magic but rather it’s intelligence.  If you look at the Heritage site, it’s look like nothing but gamers hang out there, even with score cards.  No wonder everyone is so “duped” today, and this from Italy is the grand daddy of them all.  I guess Zeus still lives other there in Greece too?

Heritage Providers Continues to Promote $3 Million Dollar Prize to Create An Algorithm To Predict and Prevent Hospitalizations

Remember the Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert show in DC about restoring sanity…well they were ahead of their time…maybe…<grin>.  I do walk around southern California myself and scratch my head at what people believe in some of this and what gets in the media as gosh knows this blog is where I dispute the silliness and talk about the digital illiterates, no matter who you are and Aesop's Fables won’t be found here.  I live in Southern California and it is home to a ton of earthquakes among other things and even we couldn’t pull of something like this if we wanted to!

imageThe scientists will be appealing, as they should.  The damage was horrible of course and I’m not discounting that at all, been there and seen that in California.  I have said we have no clue on how to assign risk and this just flat out proves it.  As close as I have seen here for a comparison is the nonsense that FCIO sells with their data to combine a credit report with what ever they pull of the web…non credible data.  When credible gets combined with non credible you get incredibly flawed data, data duped societies and more. 

FICO Analytics Press Release Marketing Credit Scoring Algorithms to Predict Medication Adherence–Update (Opinion)

If the FICO fictitious behavioral analytics are not enough for you, then check out the Attack of the Killer Algorithm series for more and watch the video included that shows how Wall Street and the banks use physicists to create partly fictitious business models, and you wonder what’s wrong with the economy…well when based on fiction and the array of dollars can’t be systematically queried against the arrays of data…Houston we have a problem.  Just scroll down to the left hand side of this blog and there’s a couple videos and other information on the Attack of the Killer Algorithms and Algo Duping as it lives today.  BD

Attack of the Killer Algorithms–Digest & Links for All Chapters–on How Math and Crafty Formulas Today Running on Servers 24/7 Make Life Impacting Decisions About You


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