Researchers were able to test and find patients with the “gad”gene signature and compared it to those without and those that did not imagehave it survived 21 months versus those who did have it to where survival was around 9 months.  It’s called a six gene test and could help establish high and low risk groups of patients.  This helps with the type of treatment of course and it helps with studying the role of the immune systems to see how a cancerous tumor behaves.  This was a group of 70 men and further studies are needed to see if the same results are played out again. 

I just recently posted about a new blood test in the works for a “liquid biopsy” with the ClearCell System so if both of these types of tests were combined it certainly is going to be a much better experience for the patient and give more definitive results.  BD

Cambridge Consultants Develops A Liquid Biopsy Test Without the Procedure–Only Blood Test Required

The test, which looks at the signature pattern of genes switched on and off in blood cells triggered by the tumour, can sort the "tigers" from the "pussycats"  .

London's Institute of Cancer Research trialled the test in 94 patients.

The findings are published in the Lancet Oncology medical journal.

Prostate cancer is a very diverse disease - some people live with it for years without symptoms, but for others it can be aggressive and life-threatening.

Experts hope that ultimately the barcode blood test could be used to make a more accurate estimation.

In the study, the scientists were able to split the patients into four groups based on the results of the barcode test. One of these groups fared far worse, surviving for significantly less time than the other patients.

Patients with this "bad" gene signature survived for an average of nine months compared with 21 months for those without it.

US researchers at the Dana-Faber Cancer Institute and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre have also been testing a similar prostate cancer blood test


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