This is a sad story and the man’s wife was at homeimage taking care of him and when he was stable she was able to go back out and get a job and the thanks for that, no more cancer treatments.  The article says she’s earning $13.50 an hour so we are not talking a job with huge income.  They have five kids.  Now what incentive is this?  So now because she’s working they have had to start a website to raise money.  BD

Getting a job, especially these days, is usually a good thing. But for one Arizona family - the extra income disqualifies them for state health insurance, MyFoxPhoenix reported.

Making matters worse, the Collins family needs the insurance desperately.  Carl Collins, 56, has cancer and just had a bone marrow transplant to battle it.

Two years ago, Collins was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, a blood cancer.  Today, he is healthier after a bone marrow transplant, but his battle now is with Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) insurance – the state’s Medicaid agency.

"If I quit my job right now, we'd have to go back to DES, get back on food stamps, food card thing. They put us all back on insurance and we would be sitting here with nothing. And that's no way to live – we're hard working people," Robin Collins told MyFoxPhoenix.


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