I can’t think of a finer topic for a documentary than Remote Area Medical.   If you read here often enough then you know RAM (Remote Area Medical) gets a lot of exposure as it reminds us of our broken healthcare systemimage in the US and reinforces the need for a single payer plan as the one we have keeps getting worse, due to politics and the use and abuse of data interpretations.  The movie trailer is below and you can find various other news videos here at the Quack on the fine work they contribute to help those in need.  In California due to the large population needing medical and dental care there’s RAM California.  The Dateline episode covering RAM won an Emmy.

“Remote Area Medical–California” Begins Four Day Free Medical Clinic in Oakland–Volunteers Needed

If Healthcare was working well in the US, efforts like those from RAM would be free to help those in other countries…sad…we can’t seem to get it together in the US and it keeps getting worse.  BD

The film chronicles individual stories throughout the busy weekend of medical volunteerism at Bristol Speedway in Tennessee. Most wait days, claiming parking lot territory in their vehicles, for a limited number of tickets that grant access to each day’s worth of medical care. The film is full of powerful imagery that struck at the viewers’ emotions, from the pulling of an entire top gum line of teeth in one sitting, to someone receiving a pair of eyeglasses for the first time.

During the question and answer period that followed the screening, Fitler remarked, “I’ve been a nurse for over 50 years. This is perhaps the highlight of my career, if not my life. These people that I met in Tennessee will endear to my heart forever – the volunteers that came from California, from New England, from all over the country. When you see this film, there is only one thing to say: What is wrong with this country? Why is this happening in this country today?”

The film won’t use news footage or photos. Rather, it will include some amateur video and photos from locals. The filmmakers are shooting for a spring completion date to submit it for the 2014 Lighthouse Film Festival.



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