Roger Perlmutter after having only been at Merck for a couple months states this is part of the company re-organization.  He was formerly at imageAmgen as their top scientist.  The company saw a reduction of revenue of 2% last year.  Patents that expired also added to the decline, namely Singulair that is now available as a generic.  BD  

Merck & Co. (MRK), the second-largest U.S. drug maker, plans to cut jobs at its research laboratories, two months after Roger Perlmutter took helm of the unit.

The shakeup includes immediate elimination of some positions and additional reductions over time, said Steve Cragle, a spokesman for the Whitehouse Station, New Jersey-based company. He said it’s too early to say how many or what positions are affected.

“The changes are part of our existing strategy that we’ve talked about for quite some time, as well as our commitment to streamlining our operating model,” Cragle said in a telephone interview today.


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