This is very interesting as someone with an injury is not going to be putting weight on bone that is broken so the gel helps the stem imagecells for the scaffold or platform to grow.  It’s an injection right into an injury and the magnetic bandage is applied.  The stem cells come from the patient’s own body and are placed inside the gel.

The part about replicating exercise is interesting too with developing bone and in the next 5 years trials are due to begin.  5 years is a long time but who knows it could be sooner.  The process in the gel is similar to the normal processes in the body.  BD

In Harry Potter it took a wave of a wand and an incantation, but now doctors could soon be able to regrow patients bones for real with the help of some magnets.

Scientists have developed an injectable gel containing stem cells that could be used to repair broken bones and damaged cartilage.

They have found that they can recreate the conditions that cause new cartilage and bone to develop in babies by attaching tiny magnetic particles to the surface of the stem cells.

“You normally have cartilage that develops first to form a kind of template that the bone grows around. Then the more you exercise the denser your bones become.

“Patients with an injury are not going to be walking around and putting weight on their bones so they have problems building up dense bone.

“If they inject a solution containing stem cells into their injury and then strap on a magnetic bandage, this could do the work for them while they are still too injured to get out of bed.”


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