This is a nice move and yes they use Epic medical records as their software but this is a nice move so patients get to see and read the whole story.  It’s a battle that has been going on for a long time and perhaps othersimage will follow in their footsteps and I hope they stay cool and keep any admin fees out of this and truly do it for the patient.  As mentioned, behavioral health though is not included as that is protected by law.  Having a system such as MyChart to where the clinical information is populated for the patient is huge and there’s always the possibility of exporting to a non tethered PHR if a patient leaves their care and moves out of the area for example if they want to.  Patients have options and data, finally. 

They also have the IBM Watson technology in place to help doctors with research and treatment plans.  BD

Cleveland Clinic is Next Medical Center to Enroll IBM Watson–Too Bad Our Lawmakers Won’t Use This Technology to Enhance Research To Make Better Laws

A half million Cleveland Clinic  patients gained access to more of their healthcare information Thursday – and by the end of the year – they will see all that is in their electronic medical record, including physician notes, via MyChart, the secure online portal.

As Cleveland Clinic officials see it, it’s the right thing to do because it will give patients a more complete picture of their health and empower them to make better, smarter and more economical decisions about their care.

Today patients  can view their after-visit summary, medications list, allergies, immunization records, preventative care details, laboratory results, and radiology reports. If they want to see the rest of their medical records, they must contact the hospital to get hard copies of the EMR.

The new transparent MyChart EMR will give patients access to pathology records, X-ray reports, physician notes, and the list of their current health issues, which physicians use to briefly describe a patient’s health status, recent concerns, and known diagnoses. Patients will be able to view online nearly everything their doctor sees in their EMR, except for behavioral health information, which is prohibited from release by state law.


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