I also read where Quest Diagnostics will be offering a test as well.  This has been a long time coming somewhat going back and forth with challenges.  Myriad must have some very large legal bills but this ruling sets the stage for other genomic tests to be affordable as a company can no longer own a gene.  Way back in 2010 the company patent was ruled invalid and it has taken this long to finally resolve with legal interpretations.  Insurance companies have also been tough on approving the test, due to the cost. 

Myriad's BRCA (DNA Breast Cancer) Patent Ruled Invalid Today – US Patent and Trademark Office Also Off the Hook

In celebration of the ruling a new website called “Free The Data” imagehas been established for sharing mutation in a private fashion to help accelerate knowledge through data sharing.  BD

SAN DIEGO — Pathway Genomics led the evening news Friday with an announcement that it could begin offering affordable access to genetic testing for the BRCA gene linked to breast and ovarian cancers in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that eliminated another company’s monopoly on the test.

“These tests, these lifesaving tests will be much more affordable for all of us regardless of how much money is in your pocket.” Laura Farmer Sherman from the Susan G. Komen chapter told NBC San Diego.



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