These innovation labs are getting to be old news and the bottom line is they want more code to quantitate their business and profits.  Sure there’s always room to improve but when you see the words “ecommerce center” that’s what this is all about, making money with data.   I wrote about MasterCard and theirimage ecommerce center as they bragged about it and now, look what they are doing, selling consumer data all over the place with a huge marketing focus, even to the point to where this silly hospital in North Caroline bought in and is buying patient credit card data.  Yes, you heard that right and they also are buying Acxiom data to have doctors go over all this stuff with patients!  The ROI is not going to pay off for all this expense and patients are not going to like it as it takes away human dignity.

Oh Crap, Now Hospitals Are Now Buying Data From Acxiom - Data Selling Epidemic Continues to Evade on Personal Privacy As “Algo Duped-Stat Rat” People Try to Implement Virtual Models That Won’t Work…

So here comes CVS wanting in on this action too.  Both CVS and Walgreens make between 1 to 2 billion with a B a year selling data, so that’s what you have here.  Look what they are already doing with this “holier than thou” program to charge people more if they go fill a prescription at a store that sells tobacco products!  This is a rip as people who live in rural communities will be paying more as they may not have a choice in some one horse towns where they fill their prescriptions.  Heck why don’t they just move to where Optum Labs is and rent server space over in Cambridge as they have a lot of data selling going on over there with paying clients mining Mayo, McLaren and other EMR records and who knows what else.  Read this “bull” below and this is an attack of the Killer Algorithms as that’s what puts this all in motion. 

CVS To Charge Consumers Higher Co-Pays With Prescriptions Filled at Drug Stores That Still Sell Tobacco Products–Killer Algorithms Attacking Once Again To Make Sure CVS Gets the Prescription Revenue And Your Data To Score And Sell

If you don’t believe from me, listen to this orthopedic surgeon and he’ll tell you the same thing. 

Orthopedic Surgeon Talks About Data Mining, Privacy, Medical Records and the Importance of the Doctor-Patient Relationship

To refresh your memory on MasterCard ecommerce center, here’s a link with some back links on how they bragged about the money they were going to make getting into consumer data, and CVS is no difference as again they are already selling heaps of our data.  This is what ecommerce is all about folks if you have not figured it out yet.  Sure there’s some improvements with internal software and such too that takes place but the big emphasis is on the money.

MasterCard As Well As Other Financial Institutions Using Big Data To Get Into Your “Online Pants” As Many Consumers Seem To Be Accidentally And Inadvertently Leaving Their “Internet Fly” Open

In addition, CVS will be opening up two other labs in New York and in Menlo Park, again “we need more data to sell” is the calling I hear here.  It’s what they are all doing as today I read about Deutsche Bank partnering up with IBM, the Kings of the Stock buy backs who invest 3 times as much in buy backs as they do their own business and read on the web, it’s biting them today as others have written a few times.  CVS is also getting sued by Walgreens on some intellectual property violations from Walgreens too with some of their mobile software relative to prescriptions. 

Walgreens Suing CVS, Rite Aid, Wants License and IP Damage Reimbursement, Patent Violations, Software Used For Refilling Prescriptions Via Mobile Phone Scanners…Not Getting Enough Data to Sell?

How about all this Vicodin slipping out the doors of CVS stores?  Anyone doing any work on that end of their business?  Maybe they can figure out another way to bone up on some algorithms that make it a little more transparent when they decide to “kidnap” your prescription refills?  That’s still going on without asking the patient if they can move their prescriptions to CVS and there were some big legal issues over that with internal emails giving pharmacists “quotas” to meet on securing existing prescriptions that were filled at other stores. 

CVS Drug Stores Could Face $29 Million in Fines For Losing Track of Prescription Pain Killers At California Stores - Don’t Worry About Tobacco So Much And Go Hunt Down That Missing Vicodin..

The Boston location in Longwood tells me CVS is working to buddy up with Harvard as that’s where the extension of Harvard Medical is, in Longwood.  This is really getting competitive as we also have AARP and United Healthcare wanting developers to write code for them for free too.  Probably no place else on the web will tell you that but I used to code and I see right through all this marketing as I’m a privacy advocate and have a campaign doing to pass a law to license all data sellers.  Would you not like to see all the personal data CVS, banks and all the others you don’t even know about sell with your personal information?  I’m curious as CVS makes 1-2 billion a year doing it. 

Please see what else is being done with your data, like insurers buying up all your credit card transactions, so yeah use cash at CVS as all that’s on there too and that’s where the MasterCard ecommerce operation comes in to sell that to almost anyone who has the money and want the data. 

Read more about the lack of privacy here and how we need to license all data sellers, so we know who they are.  BD 

Rhode Island-based CVS Health, operator of Minute Clinics and the country’s second-biggest drugstore chain, is planning to open a technology development center in Boston this winter. Chief Digital Officer Brian Tilzer tells me that the CVS Health Digital Innovation Lab will fit about 100 people — some of whom will move from CVS HQ in Woonsocket, and some of whom will be new hires. “We may not hire all 100 next year, but we’re going to hire a lot,” Tilzer says. The lab’s focus will be on “building customer-centric experiences in health care.”

But as CVS continues to explore what Tilzer calls the “digital enablement of health care,” he decided that a location in Boston made sense. The new 15,000-square foot office will be at 116 Huntington Ave., “centrally located to the medical community in Longwood and the tech community in Cambridge,” he says. The Boston presence, he says, “will help us attract additional talent and increase our connectivity to those communities.”

Tilzer, who was formerly Staples’ head of e-commerce, says he’ll spend time at the new office, which will be staffed with techies, product managers, digital strategists, and user experience designers. One big goal, he adds, is to connect with startups that are developing new health care-related products and services. “We can be an ideal learning lab for early-stage companies,” he says.


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