What’s the matter with people anymore with being stuck in stat rat world?  Do they think an obese person is going to look at this as something positive?  With as bad as companies have been today with little concern for the people they employ at times (and this is not all employers) do they think this is a positive to motivate people to lose weight?  The key to losing weight is not the expense of an obese personimage, it’s hitting the right key note to get the person motivated to lose weight for themselves and then everyone wins and you don’t need stupid websites like this.  When a person loses weight for their own self esteem, that’s the best by all means.  I wrote a while back too about another sick bunch that likes to sit around and map the obese in the US.  Well it’s not like they are hiding anywhere and it takes one glance to recognize one who is obese so why all the infographics?  It’s because the people who do them are suffer from narcissism and want you to see their “beautiful” work and the obese who are mapped, well they could be mapping anything really as it doesn’t matter.

Obesity Just As Big As Ever In the US–More Failed Ineffective Models As Technology Is Not The Cure With, Many Proof of Concepts Not Working, Obesity Algorithms Are Not the Answer

Actually the head of CDC was the same one who dreamed up the Bloomberg Big Gulp failed model too so again people do things by example and if you remember, look at all we went through over that failed proof of concept.  Bloomberg and Frieden didn’t know when to stop.  I put this Obesity site right in there with being another failed Bloomberg failed proof of concept. 

How Many More “Bloomberg Big Gulp” Failed “Proof of Concept” Models Can We Sustain Before Everyone Splits a Gasket?

Attraction is the means to motivate someone to lose weight and there are much better ways to accomplish that versus segmentation like this.  The obesity calculator is gone and from what I am reading it’s a standard BMI that you can find by the groves anywhere.   That’s ok but when you start directing this type of segmentation to employers, it becomes a different story.  As a matter of fact, I absolutely hate the term “human capital” and wish folks would just reduce it to one word “human” as that’s what we are talking about here. 

It’s to the point to where people who are not obese look at those who are with minus dollar signsimage in their eyes and that’s not right as the obese need a little compassion and a reason to care, not this.  We have way many lost today in virtual world values this is the prime example right here.  Heck look at the example the White House produces and this one got my attention as again folks confusing virtual values with real world values.  Now go take a look at the fatties in Congress and nobody’s on their case are they? 

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…

The CDC already has their Work Place Health Promotion page and that’s enough and they go over board too with a “work place scorecard” and more over there too.  Heck if I were an employer, the reading is fine but I wouldn’t want to put any more information about my company on the CDC site.  They claim their data is “science based” but I didn’t have time to read it all but doubt all of it is, more or less some of it is just number crunching and stats.  There’s more stuff and resources over there to read and again how many employers will use and read it?  I’m talking beyond healthcare information to be specific to the Healthy Worksite. 

Again the information is ok but it will be misleading for some as well as again they want you to share and share and share more data, and I’m out of that ball game and again I don’t any employers are going to dig into that either and we have folks that just went over the edge a bit here.  I can barely stand to be in a CVS or Walgreens store anymore as all of this is just in my face constantly and I can’t browse and shop like I used too and those may be just the stores near me but I started going to Rite Aid for that reason as I get tackled over and over for flu shots and I even get that a bit in the grocery store where I go which has a pharmacy in it.  When things are slow they have the pharmacist handing out coupons…yuk. 

Stop the flu Shot Harassment At Drug Stores–I’ve Had It! Put Take the Corporate Data Scientists Off the flu Shot Model And Give Us a Break..

So again we had some folks living just a bit too virtual and didn’t even think how this site would be accepted in “the real world”.  You have give people some space and get out of their faces and quit selling our data right and left as well.  BD

The CDC has taken down a website that offered an “obesity cost calculator” to help American bosses tally financial losses linked to their overweight employees, a spokeswoman for the agency confirmed Tuesday.

Called Lean Works!, the federal program drew recent criticism from some nutritionists and advocates for overweight Americans who claimed the site and its obesity calculator fueled workplace discrimination and perhaps even led some companies to fire fat people. NBC News first reported those concerns Nov. 2.

Brittany Behm, a spokesperson for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said via email that content once posted at Lean Works! “is under review,” adding: “The calculator is also under review and will be potentially updated with new information, technology.”


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