We already heard part of the story regarding the $40.00 a month fee that will help offset caring for seniors with chronic care and let’s face it you can count on around 90% or better of seniors to have chronic conditions as we just get old and imagedevelop those and the requirement for this fee is at least 2, so that’s a slam dunk.  Surgical increase is 1.4%. 

$40 Per Patient Per Month For Non Face to Face Chronic Care Management Reimbursement Begins on January 1st

The good news too is that Part B premiums will stay at $104.90 for most and the annual deductible will stay at $147.00.  The Part A deductible is going up  to $1260 which is for in patient care. 

Now the real good news for telehealth coverage.  We have all been waiting for this forever.  CPT code 99490 is the new code for telehealth services and CMS will also now begin to pay for remote patient monitoring of chronic conditions, CPT code of 99091.  The non facility fee of $42.60 will be what is paid for a telehealth visit.  There are seven new procedure codes for telehealth all together including an annual wellness visit.  Four codes have been added for mental healthcare vie telehealth as well.  BD

(Reuters) - The U.S. Medicare program's payment rate for hospital outpatient services will increase 2.3 percent in calendar year 2015, while the rate for ambulatory surgical services will rise 1.4 percent, the federal government announced on Friday.

The Medicare health insurance program for the elderly and disabled will also begin to pay doctors a monthly fee to coordinate care for patients with multiple chronic conditions in 2015, a government statement said.



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