The Hampden Group has several locations in western Massachusetts.  It’s another one of those out of money stories and theimage clinics are in debt over their heads.  This means loss of jobs and access to patient records.   A couple hospitals have expressed interest in buying portions of the practice.  BD 

SPRINGFIELD — Hampden County Physician Associates has filed an emergency motion, dated Oct. 28, in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, asking to close and liquidate its business under Chapter 7 of federal bankruptcy law. The filing could leave some 50,000 patients without access to their health care provider.

However, in the same motion, the corporation, referred to as the "Debtor," is asking for an "emergency consolidation of hearings" meeting, either Oct. 31 or Nov. 3, with 20 of its largest creditors, on related motions, that would allow two hospitals to "take over in a complementary way, substantially all of the Debtor's remaining business operation." The hospitals are unnamed, but the Sisters of Providence Health System has said it is interested in acquiring part of the practice, some five of 14 locations, with about a dozen physicians. Noble Hospital, in Westfield, also had said it would hire physicians and staff.

"The closing of the business is likely to result in doctors losing access to critical laboratory and diagnostic reports that are commonly delivered by mail, telefax, electronically and, sometimes, in hand. Disruption in the communication of such reports could have life threatening implications for the Debtor's patients.


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