Here we go again with medical record theft and each case is a little different.  In this case there were no fraudulent income taxes filed, just selling their information on the web and some of the patients were deceased.  We are seeing more andimage more inside jobs, and more characters like “Nurse Mildred” in the game called “Data Dealer”.  Below is another story from 60 Minutes where a hospital medical records were breached 3 times in 2 years and once back to back, gain it’s all about selling the data for money. 

One More Reason to License Data Sellers–Income Tax Fraud On the Rise-Who Are You Buying Your Data From And Who’s Buying Your Data? 60 Minutes Report

Some of the victims here in this story were as far away as Mississippi and perhaps she tried to scatter what she stole so as not to be noticed?  UPMC had this breach and I don’t know whether or not it was determined to be an inside job but it could be. 

UPMC Medical Center Workers Protesting Low Wages While Investigation of Employee Data Breach Continues With Fake Tax Returns and Bank Accounts Drained..Double Whammy


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This is why we need to License all the data sellers in the US.  Visit the link below for my campaign.  BD

Transparency and Privacy – License Data Sellers

WEBSTER, Mass. ( -- A former UMass Medical employee is accused of selling patient information on the internet.

Katherine Benitez, 54, of Webster is charged with conspiracy, forgery and more than twenty counts of identity fraud after investigators found that she and two cohorts allegedly stole nearly a $100,000 worth of goods and services from 26 victims spanning three states. Some were patients suffering life threatening illnesses.

Victim Sandra Challinor said, "Well my husband went in for a brain aneurysm at UMass in Worcester and a week later I had someone call me for a cell phone wanting to put rap music on it and I'm like wait a minute my husband is at UMass and there's no way he did that!"


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