Well Target is the in to all kinds of business so it would make sense to outsource manning the clinics to be opened new Target Clinics imageinclude innovative telemedicine technology, where Kaiser Permanente physicians are available for private videoconference  in southern California to Kaiser rather than have to maintain that in house as medical clinics are a specialty when you compare to their other businesses, when they are not being hacked:)

We don’t hear a lot about Target clinics as they are only in 7 states so far and no you don’t get to see a doctor, your get a nurse practitioner for the walk in retail clinics.  Below you can see where the clinics anticipate seeing 50 or more patients a day, or will be prepared to see that many I should say.  Target does have a Medical Director that I would assume covers their other clinics outside of these 4 new ones to open in California.  New Target Clinics include telemedicine technology, where Kaiser Permanente physicians are available for private videoconferences.  I am guessing that is a back up in case the nurse practitioner can’t handle all, either that or another choice. 

The only clinic I found in southern California is in Fontana and not close to me but they also suggest a couple others in San Diego that have “Fresh Grocery” benefits as well:)  You need to do the co-pay up front and the site says most insurance plans are accepted.

Through this collaboration, Kaiser Permanente will provide care to Kaiser Permanente members and non-members.

Kaiser Permanente will staff the new clinics with licensed nurse practitioners, licensed vocational nurses, and will have physicians available by telemedicine consultations, giving local Target guests access to Kaiser Permanente’s high-quality affordable health care services. imageThe clinics will be located within Target stores and will provide walk-in care, along with the convenience of the Target Pharmacy.

As I read there the new clinics will be staffed by Kaiser and will see both member and non member patients. 

I look at it this way, what a chance for Kaiser to boost their insurance membership with exposure here at Target as well and maybe sell new policies too.  You can also see Target is looking for all kinds of partners too.  From the PBM side they are going to get that compliance rate down with all the data they can find and mine to make sure you take your meds:)  Yes they have employee rewards going on there too and I stay away from pretty much all rewards programs myself as it’s a way of capturing and selling data.  Also at the stores, Target is ready to sell you some vacuums and air purifiers and some fruits and vegetables to help you with your health.

You know I don’t mind healthy products but with all the data collected what’s to say at some point your are only allowed to purchase certain items at the store by your health plan?  Think I’m crazy, better think again about what they are doing with data and remember the data mining story to where the Target pharmacy knew a patient was pregnant all from data mining and querying data?  BD 












You know Target as the one-stop shop for anything and everything you might possibly want or need, from yoga pants to milk…or, say, a flu shot, a blood pressure screening, even a physical. That’s correct, even a physical. Surprised? It’s time you got to know Target Clinic.
Target Clinics are currently in seven states and serve as one of the retailer’s most innovative in-store conveniences. Family nurse practitioners and physician assistants staff the clinics and are equipped to handle any minor illness or injury.
More than 60 services can be accessed on a walk-in basis, from skin treatments to testing for tuberculosis to strep throat. Each Target Clinic has the capacity to see 50 – 60 patients per day, which means Target could see close to 2 million patients in one year.
Since the first Target Clinic opened in 2001, Target has continued to look for ways meet the needs of guests. In an effort to improve access to care, Target is teaming up with a leading health care provider, Kaiser Permanente.  This November and December, Target Clinic will open four Kaiser Permanente-staffed clinics in Southern California that will be open to all Target guests, regardless of insurance.



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