Here’s yet one more low income housing investment from United Healthcare.  This time it’s in Boston to build low income apartments.  Below are links to three other projects I have posted.  Each investment has been a little different and you can almost bet you would be totally connected living in one of the units with sending all your vital stats to one of the many wellness companies United owns too:)  United always wants more data to sell and you could be a full on pilot resident for all kinds of population health stats, which the company started about 8 years ago, and yes it was not a CMS brainstorm at all, Population Health is a United model and no doubt this was mentored over to CMS as over the years they have done a lot of this. 

Population health if done in moderation with real world values can generate some good data, but of late we are seeing companies going over the cliff with buying up your credit card data and more and that is going a little too far and removes people’s dignity with too much smack of big brother.

United Healthcare Expands Into More Low Income Housing Investments, This Time in Austin - They Want Your Rent Check Too-Subsidiary Watch
United Invests in Another Low Income Rental Housing Project–Minnesota–$50 Million This Time
UnitedHealthcare Doesn’t Want To Let Wall Street Own All the Rentals, One More Housing Community Opened in Ohio With An Almost a $9 Million Dollar Investment, While Doctors Caring for Medicare Advantage Patients Are Being Cut From Their Networks…
United Healthcare Gets in The Low Income Housing Business With Partnership to Finance Housing Projects in New Mexico

In the article they state that this is a way of helping fight poverty so perhaps some of those who have been driven to poverty with big medical bills with non paid insurance claims can find homes here.  The project states it will have connections for jobs, schools and of course healthcare, so I would think they would have all residents hooked up and monitored to live there.  So what else is in store, an Optum Urgent care (subsidiary of United) right around the corner here too with the insurer building their own clinics? 

United Healthcare (Optum) Opens Three More Urgent Care Clinics In Houston

Here’s one of the data mining companies United recently purchased 90% interest in so there’s your entertainment with software to start gathering data too?  The own more and this is just one example below. 

UnitedHealthGroup Buys Majority Interest of Audax, Gamification and Data Mining/Selling Platform Operation–Subsidiary Watch

There’s the United hearing aid company too so you could get one of those when you move in too.

UnitedHealthcare Expands Their Cheap Hearings Aids Subsidiary With Marketing To Add More Profits To the Corporate Bottom Line and Sell More Devices And Policies –Subsidiary Watch

Recently in the news too with United and Massachusetts were all the Medicare Advantage doctors they fired, but that’s another division that’s doing that work with secretary scoring doctors with their algorithmic formulas to determine who to keep and who to fire, all by the numbers. 

United Healthcare Round Two With More Medicare Advantage Doctors Being Fired in Massachusetts and Tennessee- Expansion of the Business Intelligence Killer Algorithms Keeps Growing

This is how insurance companies grow very large, and kind of hide in plain site with truckloads of subsidiary companies that can participate in business verticals where the overall corporation can’t go.  There’s a lot of links and one to the SEC filing at the link below.  Time to wake up and see the acquisitions and subsidiaries, not roses.  BD

Health Insurance Business Under the Radar With Tiered Subsidiaries–Where All the Action Takes Place With Mergers, Acquisitions and Profit Centers-Subsidiary Watch

UnitedHealthcare is investing $5.1 million to help finance and build Walnut Avenue Apartments, a new affordable-housing development project that will transform a vacant three-story commercial building into an apartment community with onsite supportive services for people struggling with homelessness.

Walnut Avenue Apartments, located in Boston's Jamaica Plain neighborhood, will include 30 studio apartments, a 20-bed medical support facility and an array of onsite social services for residents, providing the means to help lift them out of homelessness. Transitional support includes counseling, assistance in daily-living skills, job-readiness training, home budgeting, case management and crisis intervention.

UnitedHealthcare's investment is being made in partnership with Enterprise Community Investment, Inc. (Enterprise), a national leader in the affordable-housing and community-development industry, as part of an initiative by UnitedHealthcare to build affordable housing with supportive services that help people who need assistance live healthier lives.


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