So here we go again and as I stated in the tittle here, the machinesimage run the Affordable Care Act.  When you think about all of this, what runs Healthcare.Gov, it’s the machines or servers if you want to use the correct hardware term.  This is reality and those who live off in legal verbiage world rarely give this much thought but the time has come to where you can’t ignore it any longer as IT Infrastructures run and enforce the laws and make insurance and other services available. 

So how much technology knowledge does the Supreme Court have?  I guess we’ll find out.  Not only in this case but in other places, the legal verbiage interpretations without connecting technology is really doing the country and consumers a huge disservice.  I agree there’s a lot about the law that needs to be changed and perhaps we should have called the Affordable Care Act a model instead of a law?  That’s one idea but with the age of technology we live with today laws have to be updated to fit the times too.  I get a laugh out of some of the press I read on this as there’s always the need to make this political when in fact what we are talking here is a political type decision that rides on machines, so guys what are you going to do at the Supreme Court? 

Are we going to suffer though more coders and lost time and more flawed data due to revising the code that runs on servers to run the ACA?  I’m tire of the superficial bliss here and I look at the real world and this is a big problem today with many that can’t tell the difference between virtual values and the real world.  I wrote about that months ago as I see it plain as day and of course being a former developer I see data mechanics logic that a non coding can’t.  I’m not alone but I just talk more about it I think.  All along in a classic post from a while back I have said that Obamacare with the rise and fall of the machines is a tank of Killer Algorithms that can’t keep up with the armies of Quants used by insurers today.

Obamacare: The Continuous Rise and Fall Of The Machines With Complex Insurance Math Models Resulting In Spasmodic, Executing “Killer Algorithms”–And Gov Can’t Model…

I thought the White House was smarter with technology on some of this and I think they used to be but something happened. I know the White House email bot took a real dump and is directed at the level of a 5th grader most of the time too and I see some wild stuff that comes out of that templated bot sent email at times.  This one in particular was rather disappointing to see the White House use “junk science” and I’ve repeated this many times.  When I read it, I thought to myself “do they really think I’m that stupid”.  What I’m talking about is the sucking in of any stats and numbers tossed out there today and people do get sucked in.  Quants, mathematicians, developers and others know better as we write the stuff and know all about correlations and can spot most spurious ones in a heartbeat.  For the last number of months I’ve probably driven a number of my Twitter followers crazy as I always have to pick off the junk.

I’m not saying everyone has to write code in the world even though all on the web say you have to, but take time and listen to the folks that write the stuff and are hones and tell you when you are being sucked in with flawed data or just flat out lies sometimes.

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…

You can look at the screenshot from a few months ago, don’t tell me that there will be 3,300 fewer heart attacks with Climate Control, nobody can predict that!  That’s what I mean, does the White House think I’m stupid:)  Sure there’s all kinds of benefits with climate control and I’m not against it at all but darn don’t use junk science numbers and make the campaign look cheap! 

That’s what this did was look cheap as it was done by someone in the White House that confuses virtual and real world values, otherwise we wouldn’t have had a message like this.  Folks get insecure and feel they need their numbers and stats with them at all times, like Linus in Peanuts with his blanket so folks walk around with security blankets full of numbers they can repeat like magpies today. Read the link below if you want to know about the virtual/real world problems we have today, to me it sticks out like a sore thumb and if I’m seeing this, so are others, so knock it off:) We had enough of this with the Sebelius Syndrome who was always living too virtual and looking for those Algo fairies. 

“That means Americans will be taking fewer trips to the emergency room, spending less time away from school or from work, and enjoying longer, healthier lives.”

Virtual Worlds, Real World We Have A Problem And It’s A Big One With A Lot of Gray Areas Finding Where The Defining Lines Exist, Confusing Many With A Lot of Weird Values And Strange Perceptions…

Speaking of other legal matter, I do hope we get a hybrid to run the Department of Justice too next time, one that in addition to legal talent has “some “ tech in their background. 

Eric Holder Resigns As Head of the Department of Justice–Next Person Heading that Agency Needs to be a Hybrid, Part Technology and Part Lawyer, Hard To Find, But Talent Is There If You Look..

I don’t think I could sit through another viewing of the PBS documentary “The Untouchables, Too Big To Fail” and listen to old Lanny Breuer, formerly with the DOJ whine and make excuses as to why he couldn’t prosecute the banks again as his lack of confidence when questioned about his investigation with technology and his answers clearly showed he wasn’t going to go there with technology fraud.  If you have never seen the video, here’s the link below.  He does whine a lot:)

“The Untouchables-Too Big to Jail” Frontline Documentary Shows Department of Justice’s Fear of Prosecuting Big Banks–No Confidence In Using Current Day Technologies To Investigate –Video

So back on topic here, what will the Supreme Court do?  Will they think about the code involved with their interpretation of the law?  Will we ever have a marriage of the minds and not put continue to put consumers through more hoops?  We have a lot of broken models out there and they need fixing all the time and sadly we have those that are just flawed, broken or those that cheat for financial gain too.  Perhaps the Supreme imageCourt will give this some consideration too as if we have to go through and Model this ACA Law again with too many complexities, everything will come to a complete stop, as again the machines run the Affordable Care Act and they have to be in harmony with the verbiage as well. .

I keep hearing this “repeal” thing and again I think that buzz word would maybe go away if more people realized again “IT’S THE MACHINES THAT RUN THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT”, so don’t just give us a simple ruling that’s going to require extensive, expensive and time consuming models to be rebuilt.  Think about us as consumers and how more madness we can take as the legal profession needs to include the technologies that will be changed or impacted by their decisions. 

I think of Nancy Pelosi on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart when she was asked about the ACA and she had the same attitude “we just make laws” and tossed Health and Human Services under the bus completely, who was already pretty much living there out of exhaustion with fighting the Sebelius Syndrome of whacky technology perceptions that were vocalized and senseless, tech folks saw that over and over.  

If there’s anymore complexities due to the naïve perceptions of those in the legal field today, nobody’s going to want to mess with the code and it will eventually corrupt further and lose it’s integrity anyway.  Do the right think and at the Supreme Court and get the big picture this time and not just focus on verbiage alone, we don’t get to live that way as consumers and spend each day being chased by some kind of algorithms nipping at us.  BD 

The Supreme Court announced Friday that it will hear the most serious challenge to the Affordable Care Act since the justices found it constitutional more than two years ago: a lawsuit targeting the federal subsidies that help millions of Americans buy health insurance.

More than 4 million people receive the subsidies, which the Obama administration contends are essential to the act by making insurance more affordable for low- and middle-income families.

But challengers say the administration is violating the plain language of the law. They are represented by the same conservative legal strategists who fell one vote short of convincing the court that the law was unconstitutional the last time around.

The question in this challenge is whether the subsidies should be available to all Americans who qualify or only to those who purchase insurance through exchanges “established by the state.”


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