This is worth a quick mention, medical schools, universities that may not want to keep the “Exchange Monster” in house.  I don’t mean that to be uncomplimentary but if anyone has been a responsible party for managing the email server, you know what I mean, as it grows every day, needs maintenance and a bunch of other stuff we don’t need to talk about here.   When Exchange is taken down, the “help” desk lines light up.  Outlook Live could be a potential solution. 


So this is a solution to use a hosted alternative instead of keeping it in house.  As I read through this it functions very much like Office Live, which I use with my desktop Outlook installation and I’m in synch all the time and can access my email anywhere.  For a small person/business I have used Office Live since it came out and I can’t be much happier as I get the advantage of antigen scanning from Forefront from Microsoft too, what they sell to the enterprise.  Below are a couple prior posts for more information.  For me and my small needs, Office Live is free, and there are additional modules you can purchase if your needs go beyond the basics. 

Microsoft Delivers Office Live Workspace Beta

Microsoft Offers Free Web-Based Office Extension - Software as a Service

If you want you can also use Offisync to work with Google Docs too with a desktop Outlook installation.

Offisync– Microsoft Office Add On Toolbar to work with Google Docs…

Also, while I am on the subject of Office, if you are a student you can purchase the full on professional versions of Office for $59.95 with an “edu” email address or be enrolled on the list of education institutions listed with a minimum of .05 course credit

This is another good page to reference as you can also get a copy of Windows 7 Professional for $29.95, again for students who meet the criteria. 

This is called the Ultimate Steal Deal. BD 


Outlook Live is provided through a partnership with the Microsoft Exchange product team and Windows Live. We have combined the best-in-class features of Microsoft Exchange Server with the ease and convenience of online hosted e-mail.

Outlook Live is a free, hosted e-mail service that is available to educational institutions that enroll with Microsoft Live@edu. For information about how to plan for and deploy Outlook Live at your school see Outlook Live@edu.

Outlook Live | Microsoft Connect

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Microsoft Offers Free Web-Based Office Extension - Software as a Service
Microsoft Delivers Office Live Workspace Beta
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  2. I'm student and quite frequently use MS Outlook. But one day I couldn't do anything with one problem. Or more exactly something happened with my emails. I kept my head and used the Google, there I learnt about an one software, which resolved my troubles easily, what is more it would aid here too - 2003 pst recover.


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