The actual process takes months, doctors stretching the bone by one millimeter a day with a motorized device..slow process but it doesn't hurt...BD 

A pioneering new surgery technique is a dream come true for a 9-year-old Arkansas girl with a rare bone disease.  Lauren McCabe was born with a left arm nearly two inches shorter than her right, a condition that has kept her from being able to lead a normal life.image

Her disability and disfigurement was getting progressively worse every year. "The condition is a condition where instead of growing long and straight, the bones grow bent and short and branches," explained Dr. Aronson, chief of pediatrics at Arkansas Children's Hospital, who is one of the pioneers of the bone surgery that Lauren had.

"What we're doing is a bone lengthening, which means that we have to gently crack a bone so that its blood supply is preserved, stabilize the bone with pins that connect to the outside, a frame, and through that frame we stretch the bone very slowly," said Dr. Aronson. At two and a half hours, the surgery is relatively quick.

ABC News: Bone-Lengthening for Disfiguring Disease


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