Interesting article about the solar fold up table...a little on the expensive side but could be useful as a back up power supply for health care technology to continue to run tablets and notebooks...BD

The outdoor table is small enough to take home with you, but attracts enough rays to power your laptop and various other home office peripherals, and even a television and DVD player.image

The battery's max storage is 13 amp hours at 12 volts (that's 156 watt hours), with a max output of 150 watts; the system charges in 3 hours in full sunlight. Depending on the exact specs of your gadgets, those numbers translate to about three hours of laptop use, and a couple hours of television (if watching TV outside is your thing...) thanks to the included inverter that provides 120V AC (that's what everything in your house plugs in to, in case anyone was wondering).

Sun Table: Basking in Solar's Warm Glowing Warming Glow : TreeHugger

Hat Tip:  GottaBeMobile


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