Great article from the "HealthCare CIO" blog...he has voluntarily decided to be "chipped" and discusses both the plus and minus sides of his experience...great blog by the way and John  Halamka always some very interesting posts on his blog relative to technology and Healthcare..and you can find the link on this site under the blog roll section...wish we had more health care CIOs speaking out transparently with informative and valuable information for all of us...BDimage

As a physician and chief information officer, I felt qualified to evaluate the medical, leg al, moral, and privacy aspects of the device. After using the device for three years, I am not an evangelist for implanted RFID, but I believe it can be valuable for some patients who understand the risks and benefits.

I have had experiences at Home Depot and Best Buy where my device seemed to set off the anti-theft systems. My personal data are not readable by such systems, but they may be able to detect the presence of an implanted RFID tag.

Life as a Healthcare CIO: A Chip in My Shoulder


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