Physician prescribing information is still going to be for sale...unless the opt out choice is made..BD

BANGOR, Maine - A federal judge has ruled that a new Maine law making doctors' prescription-writing habits confidential violates the Constitution. U.S. District Judge John Woodcock concluded that the law, which was scheduled to take effect Jan. 1, would prohibit "the transfer of truthful commercial information" and "violate the free speech guarantee of the First Amendment."

The law had been challenged by IMS Health of Norwalk, Conn., Wolters Kluwer Health of Conshohocken, Pa., and Verispan of Yardley, Pa., which collect, analyze and sell medical data to pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and researchers.

In a 42-page decision issued Friday, Woodcock said he relied heavily on an April 30 ruling by U.S. District Judge Paul Barbadoro in New Hampshire that shot down a similar law in that state. A similar case is also pending in Vermont.

Judge overturns Maine law on Rx data - Yahoo! News


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