I just had to post this article...who would not die for a home theater like this one!  The movies can be selected by using an EO UMPC tablet PC from Tablet Kiosk...I think we can see it sitting right there on the table in the picture...makes me think about a PACS imaging system...using a device as such to control the viewing and selection items....BD 

Third time's a charm.  This is the remake of my second room which was a remake of my first room for our second new house in North Carolina.  This time, I've gone with more of a traditional to match our new house which is a farm house style.   If you'd like to see a pictorial description of the construction of the theater, check out the Construction Thread over on AVS Forums.

image image


On a little custom table attached to the arm of my main seat is my newest toy – a TabletKiosk i7209 which acts as a visual controller for the currently playing movie and can also select movies with its own DVD Lobby interface.

Welcome to my Home Theater


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