One way to give staff members time off for the holidays...although this is said it will not affect normal ER services and is projected to basically move non urgent surgeries to after the holiday...BD 

Staffing shortages have forced the Island’s two big hospitals to close more beds than ever before during the Christmas holidays.
The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown is closing 41 beds, seven more than last year, between now and Jan. 4.
The situation is much the same at the Prince County Hospital in Summerside. It is closing 16 beds this year, up from 10 beds last year.
Brenda Worth, executive director of the Prince County Hospital, says the bed closures are necessary to allow staff to have some time off over the holidays.

Worth stresses that the 104-bed hospital will continue to function, even with the 16 beds closed, and the emergency room will remain open throughout the holidays.
The additional bed closures are necessary because of staffing shortages, particularly nurses, Worth added.

Charlottetown, The Guardian: News | Hospital beds closed for holidays


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