Good thoughts here all there a such thing as customer service?  Seems like we never get the same answer twice...and then we have another procedure to do afterwards, which may or may not correct the problem..and this is after you have sat on hold for quite a while to get to this person, who is trained to follow procedures and when guessing comes in to play in order to satisfy a customer....well we all know that tune...BD  image

The rep you talk to also thinks that you, despite the notes you took during your last conversation with someone else in the system, are, at best, misinformed, or, at worst, lying. This isn't about international outsourcing. Instead, it's an utter lack of communication within large, U.S.-based companies, where worker bees are inadequately or inconsistently trained to handle your finances. It isn't their fault. They've caught it through a warped sort of osmosis, where accounting has been sucked up by customer service, but without the proper level of absorption.

In November, I had to separate my family's medical insurance plan into three different policies with my HMO because my 19-year-old was no longer covered. When I tried to pay the bills online, payments were applied to the wrong policies, showing an overpayment on one and a past due on the other. After I consolidated the bills, as directed by a real, live person from the member services department of my HMO, I received a letter saying I couldn't do it that way. I called again and was told by a different rep that I had to fill out another form, which I did, although I suspect I will be back on the phone with them next month.

Dager: And you thought service couldn't get worse : Columnists : Ventura County Star


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