“You come in and you have a colonoscopy, an EGD (endoscopy) and a laparoscopy and you could get a free breast augmentation,” ...such a deal...BD

SANTA ANA – A federal jury today convicted two health workers of fraud for their role in offering patients cash and discounted cosmetic surgery in exchange for undergoing unnecessary medical procedures. Insurance companies were then billed at exorbitant rates.

Olga Lilia Toscano, 37, of Irvine was convicted of conspiracy and four counts of mail fraud. Maria Licea Rosales, 39, of Santa Ana was convicted of conspiracy and one count of mail fraud. Both women worked as marketers at Millennium Outpatient Surgery Center in Santa Ana.

Prosecutors from the U.S. Department of Justice said the women were part of a $34 million scheme to bilk insurance companies for unnecessary colonoscopies, endoscopies and laparoscopies. For instance, the surgery center charged $10,000 for colonoscopies that normally cost $3,000.Assistant U.S. attorney Kenneth Julian said the women targeted low-income immigrants at the factories where they worked.

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