New study taking sunny climate such as California, this would sure be a welcome new technology and drug to help with the cause...BD 

University of Illinois at Chicago researchers are participating in a multi-center research trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Allovectin-7, an investigational treatment for advanced melanoma. image

Allovectin-7 is a gene-based immunotherapy for certain types of cancer. The therapy is designed to train the body's immune system to recognize and destroy tumor cells. The phase 3 study will determine if Allovectin-7 is more effective than standard chemotherapy for treating people with advanced melanoma.  Approximately 375 patients nationwide will be enrolled to receive either Allovectin-7 alone or the current standard chemotherapy (dacarbazine or temozolomide) alone. Two thirds of enrolled patients will be randomly assigned to receive Allovectin-7 and the remaining third will receive chemotherapy.

Advanced melanoma - new treatment


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