Running for office...does this create headaches?  The UK doesn't care for his comparison to prostate cancer survival and stated he had his numbers informed is Mr. Giuliani on healthcare?  BDimage

Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani is still facing question about his hospital stay. After returning campaign trail following an illness, Rudy Giuliani, 63 spoke to the reporters.  Giuliani said, “I feel great. Take care. Merry Christmas, I’m feeling fine thanks to the hospital. They did a great job.

The former New York City mayor, scheduled campaign events this weekend, was admitted to a hospital in St. Louis, Missouri. He underwent battery of tests during his overnight hospital stay.

The former New York mayor said, “I had prostate cancer five, six years ago. My chance of surviving prostate cancer – and, thank God, I was cured of it – in the United States? 82 per cent. My chance of surviving prostate cancer in England? Only 44 per cent under socialized medicine.”Alan Johnson, Britain Health Secretary said that Giuliani’s statistics were wrong and the survival rate under Britain’s National Health Service was in fact much higher.

“I feel great. I’m feeling fine thanks to the hospital,” says Rudy Giuliani | Top News


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