They are here and an integral part of healthcare, but academic focus and roles are yet to be fully addressed....some fellowship programs funds would be helpful. to help with their collaboration in research....BD 

The hospitalist movement has arrived, and it has transformed the care of hospitalized patients. imageInvestigations similar to the early studies of hospitalist practice, which were focused on cost and comparing outcomes with those of other providers, should begin to wane. New investigations should focus on quality improvement, comparative effectiveness, clinical informatics, the safety of patients, and the translation of new medical advances to clinical practice. Academic medical centers must make strategic investments to provide opportunities in research training for hospitalist physicians and to support the research infrastructure. The academic focus and role models in the training environment will enhance the pipeline for hospitalists, but the underlying payment structure for evaluation and management needs to be dramatically enhanced if this field is to be sustained. Hospitalists are now an integral component of our delivery system; we must take advantage of these skilled physicians and take the next steps to enhance the care of hospitalized patients. It is time to move on.

NEJM -- The Hospitalist Movement -- Time to Move On


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