Amazing they can get this correct and have patient chart safe is that "secure" site ...I guess down the road parents can show the pictures to their children to show how they looked even before they got here...strange..BD 

This is just weird, even for the giddy parents-to-be types who like to run around showing off copies of their ultrasound at work. A hospital in England is imageone (two?)-upping old-school 2D ultrasounds with 4D scans of your in utero spawn. 

The scanner (which is apparently not so new itself, per the comments) produces a moving 3D image, which is why we guess they're calling it 4D—not 'cause it's like tesseract, which I would much rather look at. What is new (and unsettling) is that the hospital's uploading the images to a secure site for bug-eyed mommies-to-be to download to their MP3 player or cellphone.

The article is kind of trend-fishing with the iPod headline, since the hospital also gives you the file on a CD or DVD, which you can load up on anything—like grossest of grossness, a 50-inch TV.

Babies R Weird: Unborn Babies on Our iPod


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