Can we afford to eat healthy food...the rising cost of "healthy food"....BD

But when the researchers checked prices at numerous stores around the Seattle area, they found that the imagegood, healthy foods had soared in price over a two-year period, jumping by nearly 20 percent compared to a 5 percent increase in the overall food price inflation. And during that same period, high-calorie foods had remained about the same price, and in some cases had actually dropped.

"The nutrient-rich calories, the food we should be eating, are zooming out of sight," Drewnowsky said. "So eating well is really becoming unaffordable for many, even in the middle class."  "I would like to know who in the next debate is going to talk about the rising cost of food," he said. "I've not heard a comment [from any presidential contender] about that."

ABC News: Study: Nutritious Food Too Costly for Poor


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