This had been in the news lately with a prank caller leading to unsubstantiated skin shocks not in order with the normal route of business at the school...the state of Massachusetts has tried to close the school on a couple occasions based on the imageuse of electrical shocks.  The State of New York, has also been in the news taking on the institution, but parents rally to support the actions to keep their children in the institution....and it appears there are various levels of students there from severe autism to those with less critical behavioral issues...BD 

A special education school where two emotionally disturbed students were wrongly given dozens of shocks after a prank call, will be allowed to use electric shock treatments on students for another year. 

But the state's Office of Health and Human Services said the Judge Rotenberg Educational Center must prove it uses shock treatments only for the most dangerous and self-destructive behaviors, and also show that the treatments reduce those behaviors.

Links provided by the school below:

ABC News: School That Mistakenly Used Shock Treatments gets OK to Continue


  1. The latest news from Dachau West -- er, Canton, Massachusetts -- plays an ironic blues counterpoint to the bill now before the Massachusetts legislature which would forbid parents to slap or spank their children. (House Bill 3922).

    Present and former residents/staff of the Rotenberg Center have stated that the school offers electric shockers on loan to parents expecting their kids home for vacations/weekends: so parents can electrocute their young ones at home, but must not (if the new bill passes) do anything as horrendous as actually spanking them.

  2. Amazing....spankings horrendous, but electrical shocking ok? There are children there who are way beyond the norm, but there are those who just need some discipline from viewing the films. I think what bothered me about the story is perhaps seeing some there who do not fall under the categories of being self destructive and basically appear to just have some attitude issues.


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